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Account Registration Blocked

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Hi there.

So you tried to register an account on allroadFAQ.Com and you landed on this page. Well it's very likely that you are a spammer. I know that sounds harsh but it could be a reality. In fact statistically it's a a 99.9999999765% probability. You should know that every single registratration is vetted by a human being and it's pretty tough to get past us if you are a spammer.

Now based on the 0.0000000235% chance you ended up here by mistake, I'd like to help.

Step 1 - attempt to register again using a  different email address (most spammers do this anyway)

Step 2 - If you ended up back here after a second attempt, you are in fact, probably a spammer. If you are really a person, then go to step 3.

Step 3 - If you are real person and you are having trouble, I'm very sorry about that and I would like to help.Please send email to allroadFAQ at gmail dot Com. If you are a person I'm sure you can parse that email address.

Thank you for your understanding.


Last Updated on Sunday, 21 April 2013 18:07