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Audi Allroad Headlight Repair

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G'day Guys

This is a quick video a have made to demonstrate how easy it is to repair the appearance and performance of the Audi Allroad's Headlights.

This will work on most headlight lenses with a similar design. This method requires use of a number of different grades of sandpaper to remove Pitts and Rough surfaces in your headlights glass assembly. Several cleaning steps, a polish and finally applying a UV Coat to restore to almost original design.

This was a very cheap headlight repair kit purchased from my local auto parts store, This particular one set me back $50.

Remember the last step is most important. Take care applying UV coat it drys very quickly and i think i applied too much, which caused a slight oily film under close inspection.

I'm posting this to help save you guys from forking out big bucks on new headlights, and I remember how hesitant I was to attack the Audi with sandpaper :)

Good Luck with the restoration

Red Kransky


Australian Spec. Silver 2003 Audi Allroad 115k and Flying

Credits to my mate Rob "Bobedlic" Jost for providing some nice royalty free tunes for the Video.

Filmed on Toshiba X100

** Wow nearly 140,000 views. Thanks Allroad fans! **


Last Updated on Friday, 13 November 2015 18:00