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About allroadFAQ

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Mission Statement

The allroadFAQ site will be the single point repository of pertinent information about this unique vehicle from Audi. allroadFAQ will be for the community, by the community of allroad Quattro enthusiasts. The website and contents will be free of charge and available to all users worldwide.

Who is "Uber_AR"

I'm an allroad enthusiast just like you. When I saw the Speedvision Test Drive of the allroad in late 2000 I said I have to have that car! I had just bought a VW Gti and was in no position to buy a $50,000 car so I kept the AR in the back of my mind. One of my oldest hobbies is motorcycle sportbike riding and I had been doing track days to the tune of 3-4 per month. In 2002 I would normally use my girlfriends GMC Yukon to tow the trailer to the race track but the Yukon was going off lease in November and she was anti-car-payment so i had to find an alternate to the Yukon. I searched high and low for a vehicle. I test drove and looked at dozens of pickup trucks, SUVs and vans. In August she and I stopped by an Audi dealer on a whim to test drive the allroad - just for the hell of it. I was smitten. I knew it was perfect for everything I wanted. August 8, 2002 the Atlas allroad came home with me.

As a new regular on Audiworld forums I began to connect with other allroader's (my forum name was RR_allroad at the time) and make some real friends. We even managed some get togethers over the years. Audi ownership is a test in patience and mental stamina. Probably one of the most rewarding cars to own the allroad is very complicated machine and as such requires a commitment to own long term. I decided I wanted a place to keep what I have learned about the allroad in one place so here you are!

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allroadFAQ at Gmail dot Com
Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 January 2011 14:27