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Air Spring

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The allroad air spring system is a pretty sturdy design. The system contains and controls over 100 PSI air pressure and the bladders have a huge movement range to account for ride height and travel. The unfortunate part about the system is the air bladders are exposed to the elements unlike the allroads frumpy cousin the Touareg which has protective "gators" covering the bladders. Additionally as the springs travel through their height changes the bladder actually rolls over itself ala condom.

Consensus is that exposure to the elements, dirt and various road debris gets lodged in the airspring folds. This makes more an abrasion on the skin of the spring as the suspension works up and down and ultimately causes slow leaks.

The air springs can be replaced by the home mechanic and cost for the spring and repair kit (new gaskets and nuts) is around $660 (dealer retail) each. Discounts are widely available but expect about $500 each. Several aftermarket vendors have appeared in recent years with air spring replacements at lower prices, probably best known is Arnott Industries. I would also recommend you purchase a new control arm "pinch bolt" for each front air spring replaced - part# 4do 407 192c  and a new nut for the pinch bolt # n 102 861 02.

Want a DIY run through on replacing your air spring? Click Here


Last Updated on Friday, 18 February 2011 10:23