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02NoRoad 2002 Build Up

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I've been driving a 300hp Urs4 for the last eight years, and the ar completely blows it away!

My car is a 2002 6mt black, with premium and cold weather pkg.

My goal for the car was to build a fun versatile daily driver. We live 'edge-of-the-grid' in the coast mtns. of british columbia. We have rough roads, lots of rain, lots of snow, fog, wildlife etc. We DO go off-road frequently. We need to be able to tow snowmobiles or dirtbikes at times, and potentially a lightweight camper in the near future. For all these reasons the allroad was the perfect starting place (and conversely why an s4/rs4 wouldn't be). Downside is weight.

The ar needs power, brakes and swaybars to become a 'fun daily driver'. I chose the O.CT stage 4 kit as it was engineered as a system, and had more emphasis on torque than peak hp. We wanted grunt force not a peaky wind up. Our goal is NOT to be for-ever tinkering on the car. Due to our location especially, reliability is crucial.

The O.CT kit fit the bill due to it's overall simplicity, big flat torque curve and it's performance relative to it's cost. In the end we have relative power to the b5 RS4, in a package that is more suitable to the weight and end use of the allroad. I don't feel the need for even more power in the allroad, as I believe reliability would suffer. If we need a sportier car in the future, we'll buy a sportscar. As it is, the ar outperforms nearly everything on the road anyway. We love this car. It suits our lifestyle perfectly. If I had the choice I wouldn't be tuning at all - this is just the car I wish audi would have built in the first place. As they didn't... this is what we did...


Recaro 'style topline' seats in black leather
RS4 steering wheel in black alcantara
TT sport airbag center

Go Fast Parts
O.CT K04 turbo's and hardware (early torque option, balanced and paired)
Milltek cat back exhaust
Milltek hi-flow cats and downpipes
Platimum spark plugs
Venair high-pressure hose kit
5 bar fuel pressure regulator
Hyperboost diverter valves
RS4 clutch

Stoptech 332mm brake kit with cross drilled rotors and stainless lines all around (logo's deleted)
H-sport sway bars

Wheel combo's:
H&R hubcentric spacers (rs4 wheels) 15mm front, 12mm rear
summer - b7 RS4 9"x 19" with yoko S4 255/40/19 (40 series for rougher roads)
- b5 avus 7.5" x 17" with studded hakka's (225/55/17)
- oem twin spoke 7.5" x 17" with yoko geolander A/T S (225/60/17)

oem audi european trailer hitch
oem audi mud flaps


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