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DIY Fix for the Luggage Compartment Dome Light

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First, let me say, UBER_AR, you have a great site here. It's an awesome resource for allroaders.

I just completed allroad_RS27's DIY fix for the overhead dome light, as mine was intermittently working. It looks like I had the exact same issue that they posted the fix for. After reading through their instructions, I was able to complete the fix in about 15 minutes.

I also noticed that my luggage compartment dome light was having the same issues. So, I pulled it out and sure enough; the solder had a hairline crack around a pin which was basically in the same exact place as the center dome light that allroad_RS27 discussed in his posting. However, for the luggage compartment light, there are only two metal bridge blades and only two corresponding places they slip into the circuitboard. The pin closest to the silver (not gold) metal blade was my issue.

The fix was as simple as getting out the soldering iron and using just a touch of solder and confirming that the connection was made as allroad_RS27 describes with a multimeter in the ohm position. For anyone considering doing this fix I would reccomend that you first read through allroad_RS27's article to get a feel for how the procedure works and what you're looking for. Below is a photo of my repaired light (didn't think to take a "before" shot). It's obvious which pin I had to repair. I'm guessing for anyone with intermittent lighting issues from this light, that's probably the broken pin you'd be looking for.



Last Updated on Wednesday, 06 July 2011 08:05