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Door Pull swap

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It's a fairly easy job but, I figured I would at least document it for those that want to tackle this themselves.

The tools you will need are:

Phillips screwdriver
small flat blade screwdriver
trim puller or small blade screwdriver with microfiber towel or duct tape (to protect the trim)
small hammer


This writeup is for the driver's side front door. Both fronts use the same procedure. The rears will be similar, but omitting the step of disconnecting the door lock wiring harness

First up you need to pull the wood trim. Simply use the trim puller or flat blade screwdriver with microfiber towel or cover the tip with duct tape to prevent scratching of the trim. I suggest you attach the trim from the rearmost extent and slide in the prying tool. It should pop out fairly easily. Then you just need work the release forward.

Next, you need to pull the door card. This is fairly easy. There are 2 screws that need to come off.

Front of the door

Back of the door

With these two screws removed, grab a hold of the door armrest/handle and pull up. This will release the door card from the door. Be careful since there are a few connections from the door going to the card, including electrical connections.

Pull back the protective foam on the door card to reveal all the glorious innards. You will want to release the door cable from the door pull assembly. Simply pop the white part out of the holder and undo the hook from the door pull.

To release the door pull illumination LED, simply release the base of the LED assembly from the retaining clips

Next, you will want to disconnect the door lock switch wiring harness.

Next you will want to use the small flat blade screwdriver to pop the retaining clip from the left hand side in this pic. And then use the phillips screwdriver to remove the silver screw. With these two pieces removed, you can then press the two release tabs in on the left side of the pic, just beyond the tweeter and push the whole assembly out.

Now that you have the assembly out, it should look like this:

Now it is time for the swap. With a small flat blade screwdriver, remove pry loose the end of the spring that is in it's groove (spring is noted by blue arrow). Then either tap down on the door pull shaft or pull the lever down, to remove the shaft and release the door pull (door pull shaft noted with red arrow). The door pull is now apart

Simply slide in the new door pull and slide the shaft back into place. This may be a little tricky with have to reset the spring. I used a small blade screwdriver to hold the spring set away from the assembly to allow the shaft to slide into place. And then tapped the shaft into place with a small hammer and nail set on top of the shaft, so as not to damage the door assembly. This may be just due to the powder coating that I needed to use the hammer, since the insides were coated.

And with that, you are ready to reinstall the door pull assembly in the door card. Just follow the steps above in reverse to get things back into place. Setting the door card back into place may be a little tricky. Be sure to gert all the door card guides into place and the door lock indicator into the hole properly before pressing down on the door card to set things into place.

And there you have it, the door pull is swapped!

Like I said above, the front door pulls are done using these steps. To do the rear door pulls, just omit the step of the wiring harness for the door lock switch.

Last Updated on Sunday, 28 October 2012 21:37