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What is allroadFAQ?

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I created allroadFAQ for the simple purpose of archiving and presenting the accumulated knowledge of Audi allroad Quattro enthusiasts from around the world. The allroadFAQ is a repository for others to reference, and add to. Although the site is focused on the North American c5 chassis (model year 2001-2005) much of the information contained can be translated to European and other market cars in the c5 platform.

If you're new to the allroad I should point out as a matter of protocol the term "allroad" is typed lower case. I bring this up because you will immediately be chastised in an Internet forum if you use uppercase or title case text unless you use the two letter abbreviation. So "allroad" , "AR", "Audi allroad", "allroad Quattro", and even "Uber wagon" are all acceptable.

Before we dive into the information contained in allroadFAQ you may notice that this site, is in fact not laid out like an FAQ at all. We are using Joomla Content Management System. This system makes adding content and other resources quick and painless. As a registered user you can submit articles and weblinks for inclusion in the site.

The number one question every prospective or new allroad owner asks is "what's the difference between the model years?". Check out the Model Year chart that is under the Reference menu, that question may be easily answered. In short 2002 is the best year! Actually there is no "best" year because it depends on what you value the most. The 2002 model had the most standard content in the interior of all the years. But only 2005.5 cars had the DVD navigation option (other years were CD based). 4.2 litre V8 cars didn't appear until late 2003 (as model year 2004). So it really depends on your idea of best. There is a ton of accumulated knowledge about mods and changes that can be done to all the years of allroad so if like me you have a 2002, you can easily change out to the DVD nav or add rear sunshades etcetera to bring your allroad to your taste.

Be sure to check out the allroad / A6 parts list pdf also in the Reference menu. This document is a lifesaver for the do-it-yourself allroad owner. It references almost every single part number in the car and reflects 2005 retail pricing for the components. One more thing... we have a forum section where you can post questions and participate in the community. Be sure to check out the "My allroad" owners diary in the forum section. Go ahead and register and add your allroad to it. It's a living document about your car.

Enjoy and welcome to the allroadFAQ.Com


Last Updated on Friday, 18 February 2011 13:30