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Trouble Code 17125

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If you have received the dreaded 17125 on your VagCom or other scan tool you are in for a treat. This code is indicative of torque converter failure in your transmission. It can appear randomly through no fault of your own and you may not notice any drivability issues what so ever. This is a failure and you will have to deal with it.

Address 02: Auto Trans
Controller: 4Z7 927 156 F
Component: AG5 01V 2.7l5VT USA 1818
Coding: 00032
Shop #: WSC 00666
1 Fault Found:
17125 - Torque Converter Clutch: Stuck OFF / No Power being transferred
P0741 - 35-00 - -

The fix is torque converter replacement. This is non trivial repair that audi claims takes 13 hours to R&R plus parts. 13 hours is BS as most competent mechanics can do it in 6-8. The torque converter list price was $900 (when I did mine in 2007) and you basically need a transmission service kit and fluid. Expect to pay $1600usd to $3000usd depending on the shop. Naturally a dealer will be very high.

If this problem is left untended it will ultimately result in transmission failure. A common problem is failure of the reverse clutch, seemingly simultaneously as the 17125 code appears. If that occurs plan on swapping in a new/rebuilt transmission.

Generally this failure occurs on 2001 to 2004 tiptronic allroads, late in the 2004 build an improved torque converter seal was used and this issue subsided, but it's very common in those years effected. Audi issued a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for the issue but it was never recalled.

More information regarding the transmission design is available in this document Audi TIP Transmission Design and Function.

An informal Poll regarding this failure.

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