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Problem Areas

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Here are some of the problem areas of the allroad. Not every allroad will experience these issues but you should be aware that they exist. Often I hear a story about an owner taking the car to the dealer with an issue, the dealer say's "We've never heard this before" only to have the allroad community tell the owner that, "yeah we know all about it and here is the fix".

These are areas that get asked about all of the time and fall outside of "normal" maintenance - in no particular order.

>Failure: Turbo Chargers

>Failure: Radiator Fan / Viscous Fan

>Failure: Coil Packs

>Failure: Ignition Amplifiers

>Failure: Secondary Air Injection Pump (SAI)

>Failure: Brake Light Switch (the one at the pedal)

>Failure: TipTronic Transmission Torque Converter

>Failure: Air Springs

>Failure: Throttle Body Boot

>Failure: Interior Soft Touch Surface Peeling

>Failure: Instrument Cluster DIS (center display) / Pixel Fade

>Failure: Cam Tensioner Seals / Valve Cover Gaskets

>Failure: Steering Angle Sensor (ABS kicks in prematurely)

>Failure: Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

I will be adding articles to cover these failure areas as soon as possible. If you have an article to contribute please login and use the Submit Article link.


Last Updated on Friday, 25 February 2011 10:27